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Jacob is Isaac's younger of twin sons.  He worked for his mother's brother, Laban, for 14 years in order to marry Rachel because he had to marry the eldest daughter, Leah, first (Gen 29:16-28).   When Rachel sees her older sister bare children when she cannot, she gives Jacob her servant, Bilhah (Gen 30:1-4), to bare children for her.  When Leah realizes she is no longer bearing children, she gives Jacob her servant, Zilpah (Gen 30:9), to bear children for her.
Reuben (Leah)
Gen 29:32
Simeon (Leah)
Gen 29:33
Levi (Leah)
Gen 29:34
Judah (Leah)
Gen 29:35
Dan (Bilhah)
Gen 30:5-6
Naphtali (Bilhah)
Gen 30:7-8
Gad (Zilpah)
Gen 30:10-11
Asher (Zilpah)
Gen 30:12-13
Issachar (Leah)
Gen 30:17-18
Zebulun (Leah)
Gen 30:19-20
Dinah (Leah) - daughter
Gen 30:21
Joseph (Rachel)
Gen 30:22-24
Benjamin (Rachel)
Gen 35:16-18

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