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With this table, my desire is to show the relative chronology of events, biblical, historical, and future.  Exact dates, for the most part, aren't possible since so many assumptions need to be made because of missing details or inexact wording of scripture.  Even the starting date of creation in the first year can be stated as year 0 or 1, depending upon nothing other than our preference, since scripture doesn't dictate the use of either.

Genesis 1-2 describes how God gave Adam dominion over the earth and put him in a garden to tend it.
Genesis 3 records Adam's disobedience, exile from paradise, and God's promise of a future redemer (vs 15).
1656 AMGen 6-9 records how Noah and his family are saved from the flood because of Noah's obedience.  The promised redeemer would be a descendent of Noah (Gen 9:9).
2006 AMNoah Dies
2008 AMAbraham is born to Terah
2083 AMBecause of Abraham's obedience, the promised redeemer would be a descendent of his son when he was 75 years old
2108 AMAbraham's promised son, Isaac is born when Abraham is 100 years old and Sarah is 90.
2145 AMSarah dies at 127 years of age (Gen 23:1)
2168 AMBefore Isaac's son, Jacob, was born when Isaac was 60, God chose Jacob.
2183 AMAbraham dies at 175 years of age (Gen 25:7)
Jacob's name was changed to Israel and the promised redeemer would be one of his descendents. (Gen 32:28)
2288 AMIsaac dies at 180 years of age (Gen 35:28)
2298 AMIsrael (Jacob)  and all his family move to Egypt (Gen 47:9)
2315 AMIsrael (Jacob) spends 17 years in Egypt before his death at 147 years old. (Gen 47:28)
2513 AMMoses leads the children of Israel out of Egypt 430 years after the promise made to Abraham
2513 AMStarting in Exodus 20, Moses expounds the law of God that the Hebrew people were to follow
2553 AMMoses dies.  Joshua leads the tribes of Israel into the promised land after they've wandered for 40 years. (Jos 1:1, Num 14:33)
3003 AMSaul begins to reign 490 years after the Exodus (Acts 13:17-21)
Pul reigns in Assyria
745-728 BCTiglathpileser III reigns in Assyria
The gospels record the events of the promised redeemer's first appearance and ministry
Pentecost began the age of grace
May 14, 1948Israel becomes a nation
The destruction of Damascus will happen some time in the future, but there are no clues as to when.  It is possible that it happens before the end of the age of Grace, and equally as possible that it will happen after.
A final Arab-Israeli war may occur sometime in the future, but if it will, there are no clues as to when.  It is possible that it happens before the end of the age of Grace, and equally as possible that it will happen after.
The first Gog/Magog war is a pivotal event marking Israel's spiritual awaking.   Because it is such a pivotal point in our future, it is likely that it happens just before the end of the age of Grace or just after.
The Gathering closes out the age of grace and ushers in the time of Jacob's trouble, known as the Great Tribulation

All of my quotes are from the KJV unless otherwise noted.

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